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There is finally something new on the home video, that definately will interest fans. I recently got a hold of the shortly to be release 5 1/2 hour, 3 disc set titled "Sopranos Behind-The-Scenes ", produced by Jersey Productions. This is NOT to be confused with an earlier version, released several years ago. This new version, still features John Fiore (Gigi Cestone) as the narrator, but his female co host, from the original DVD, could be sleeping with the fishes, or got carried away while shopping for some new cement shoes, is only seen (and not really heard) in this version. Had I known that John had such provoking moves in the dance floor of the Bing, I would have had him dance on my kitchen table when he stopped by my house.

The description from Amazon reads;

From the beginning with Tony and the ducks, to the highly debated final cut to black, you'll learn the secrets of The Sopranos and how this landmark program was really made. With the majority of the show filmed at actual locations in New Jersey, our dedicated videographers as well as many undercover Sopranos fanatics shadowed the cast and crew for years as the series was shot…Giving us never before seen production footage including stunts, retakes, and bloopers! You'll even hear from the cast themselves about scenes that were shot and never used. From watching how a car chase was filmed to the inside dope on staging a whack, this is a close up view even the FBI would love.


Besides John's narration, various crew members describe in detail how they filmed various scenes, which i found really interesting. I saw many of these live filming scenes, but never really understood, what exactly they were doing and why. Now I understand. So, if you are tired of binge watching the same old episodes, definately pick up this new version, and get some get insider, insight into the filming of The Sopranos! It can be pre ordered (release date is June 28, 2016) on Amazon . It will be available on ITunes split up into 3  programs there... SOPRANOS BEHIND-THE-SCENES Volume 1 of 2 SOPRANOS BEHIND-THE-SCENES Volume 2 of 2 SOPRANOS BEHIND-THE-SCENES Bonus Extras

October 23, 2007 - The Sopranos, season 6, part 2, as most of my readers know will be released on DVD. As in the prior releases, the set will include some special features;

  • "Making Cleaver" - an exclusive sneak-peek at the behind-the-scenes making of the film that Christopher pitched in Hollywood
  • "Music of The Sopranos" - a retrospective look at the final season and the music that helped shape it
  • Four audio commentaries from cast members - Episode 1: Steven Schirripa, Episode 3: Dominic Chianese, Episode 7: Robert Iler, Episode 8: Steven Van Zandt

It is available for order from Amazon. Your patronage is appreciated, it helps defray the costs of maintaining this web site.

Order the first part of Season 6 from Amazon  

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