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Johnny Slades Greatest Hits

I recently was able to catch up with John Fiore, who played the character of Gigi Cestone on cast of The Sopranos.   John has been acting for 17 years.    Having appeared in over 200 television commercials, he is best known for his role of Detective Profaci on Law and Order, in which he played this character for 9 seasons.    Beside his notoriety of Detective Profaci, he has guest starred on such television shows as NYPD Blue, Third Watch and New York Undercover before landing the role on The Sopranos.   John has also done stage work in the Off-Broadway production of "Orphans", "Gangster Apparel" and "A Streetcar named Desire".    As a Co-Producer, his credits include "Sopranos: Unauthorized" and a quirky film called "The Date".     John has also written several screenplays, among them "Spirits Colliding", "The Blue Moods of Johnny Slade" and "First Night; Last Night".

Tell us a little about John Shades Greatest Hits?

 Slade is a story of “not happening lounge singer" who gets hooked up this guy who is hiding, Frank Gianni (played by Vincent Curatola).   Mr. Gianni, decides that the only way to get information to the troops, is to hire Johnny Shade (played by John Fiore).   Mr. Gianni writes songs and passes off songs to Slade.   What Johnny Slade doesn’t know there is a secret message woven into the songs.   Johnny Slade doesn’t know this at first, but gradually picks up on this.   Slade eventually figures out he has great power with Frank’s men, being the only communication to them is through him.

 How did you ever think of this?

 The story was a genre crime drama, "how do you re-invent the wheel?"    Larry Blamire, the director took an original idea of mine and changed it and then we ran with it. Originally named, “The Blue Mood of Johnny Slade” was a dark piece and Larry reemerged it as a comedy, a black comedy.

You did some filming in Tewksbury, MA,   How did you choose locations and why?

The locations we used are mainly from the Boston area.   A couple of biggies lived where the Country Club was located.   One of our investors owned the club so we wrote it in.

What other areas did you film at?

We filmed downtown Boston, the waterfront, Lowell Mass., and Tewksbury were locations primarily used.

 Who is Johnny Slade and what is his character like?

 He is an eccentric kind of fellow, not gifted with great voice. He is a lounge singer who insists on singing original material. I make my singing debut in this film.

 I understand there are some actors who also have had character roles in The Sopranos. Who are these?

Vincent Curatola (who plays the character of Johnny Sack on cast of The Sopranos) plays Frank Gianni.  Richard Portnow (Attorney Hal Melvoin on The Sopranos) plays the character of Jerry Kaminiski, Johnny Slade’s manager.   Jerry is a cheesy guy and fancies himself a virtuoso.   He has manages only one singer and during the day owns a used car lot emporium.   Everyone wants to be in the entertainment business.    Frank Santorelli (Georgie the bartender at the Bada Bing Club on The Sopranos) plays the character of Lou Genova, one of Frank Gianni’s underlings. 

Dolores Sirianni


Dolores Sirianni, plays Frank Gianni’s girlfriend.    She has extraordinary singing ability.   Her character longs to sing, but Frank won’t allow her.   Her interaction with Johnny Slade rekindles this need.


 When do you expect this movie to be released?

We expect an April 2004 release at the various film festivals around the country.

 How long did the actual filming for this movie take?

Movie took 18 days to shoot, with occasional delays because of snow and inclement weather, but it will be 18 days of shooting.

You'd think one of these guys would know what to do with these guns

What other projects are you involved with?

I have a reoccurring role on the soap opera, Guiding Light.   I recently completed the filming of the movie “Tony and Tina Wedding” playing the character of Mr. Nunzio, with Joseph McIntyre (New Kids on Block, Boston Public and Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhardt from That 70’s Show).

 Are there any upcoming rising stars in your new movie that we should watch out for?

Classically trained singer, Delores Sirianni and John Trimboli.

 You recently finished Tony and Tina’s wedding, tell us a little about that project?

Tony and Tina’s Wedding has been a long running Off Broadway play, probably geared to the 25 under crowd, the movie being blacker in nature than the original play.

 What was it like working with Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy), one of the dearly departed from The Sopranos

I saw him briefly, we chatted, but we don’t share any scenes

 What is in your future?

Movies, a recurring role as Salerno on Guiding Light.   Just work and editing The Johnny Slade project.   I am also working on the preparations of our next project with Cinergy Productions.  We formed Cinergy Productions, Delores and I.   We have another movie planned that’s going to be a suspense thriller called “Creep Town”.   Creep Town is about a police officer who kills someone in line of duty, in final days of his career.   He ends up losing his police job and becomes head of security at a theme park.   As soon as he takes over this position some very bad things start to happen at the park.   We plan on using Spooky World in Foxboro, Massachusetts as the theme park in this movie.

 For more information about the movie Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits and the performers check out the website.


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