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An interview with Frank Santorelli

Frank Santorelli

Frank Santorelli plays the lovable character of "Georgie, the bartender" who always seems to be on the receiving end of Tony Soprano's (James Gandolfini) wrath, whether it be a telephone or his fists.    Frank Santorelli, came on board to the show in the second episode, “46 Long”, like many of the characters did (the first  episode, the pilot, was filmed a year prior to the rest of the episodes).     

Frank  is originally from the small town, Mayfield Heights, Ohio.   Frank than moved to the Boston area, where he presently lives,   He has appeared on television shows such as “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, VH-1, MTV, "Evening at the Improv" and A & E’s "Caroline's Comedy Hour".    Frank also appeared in the movie, “Meet the Parents” which starred Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller, and has made guest appearances on “Spin City", “Law & Order”, “Providence”, and “The Job” with Dennis Leary.

What day is your Birthday?   
You have always been an actor, what inspired you to be a comedian?     
Did you spend a lot of time in the principle’s office?
Yes to both I was the class clown the proverbial clown in my senior in high school, 
I was voted the funniest from all the people in 12 years in school. I started to be an 
actor while in high school. I was in all the plays during my time in high school. My plans 
were to be an actor, with inspirations to be the next Robert De Niro.   I went to college 
and studied acting.   At some point I quit college and started working at the Cleveland 
Comedy Club in Cleveland Ohio, as the house MC there for 3 years.   In 1981, I became 
a comedian. 
What other unusual jobs have you held in the past?

I tried to sell cable to the Amish.


Tell us something that people don’t know about you?

I deceptively quick for a large a large man, if you think you can out run me think again

Are you of Italian decent?

Yes I am, my mother taught me how to shave

How did you get involved with being an actor?

It got started when I moved to Boston, MA in 1985.  I’m from the Cleveland area originally;
Boston is where I became a real full time comic.    While I was in Boston, a bunch of us,
all went NYC, and started working at "Caroline’s on Broadway", and "Catch a Rising Star",
two very famous comedy clubs.   From there we all eventually got agents and with these agents,
we got auditions. That’s when I started auditioning in New York City for the big time stuff.    

What was your most memorable acting job?

I have to say the episode of The Sopranos, where Tony beats me up with the phone

What types of roles do you find the most challenging?

Being a  daddy of 2 girls
Has you character on The Sopranos ever filmed in a location besides the Bada 
Bing Club?
We were at the Christopher Columbus statue in downtown Newark, New Jersey.
What is Georgies last name?
He doesn’t have one at this point, I have no beginning and no end
Do you have any pets?
 2 cats
How does it feel to be part of the cast since the first season?    When you first 
auditioned for the role, did you ever think that the show would become what it is today?
Not a chance. I went in I read the lines exactly the way they were, “hello, hello,” and I did 
the audition looked at David Chase and Georganne Walken, and said if I get this part, 
I’m going need more lines, Georganne Walken laughed real hard, her head went back
and I believe that’s what saved me, no one else thought it was funny
On The Sopranos, you sport quit a few tattoos. Do you really have that many?
I have none I would never do that to my body. My body is too precious
Since they are phony tattoos, how long does it take make up to put these on you?
5 hours, one person on each arm
Have they ever not get the sequence right with the images?
They always get them right; they have pictures and get it exactly the same every time. 

What hobbies do you pursue in your free time?

Watching movies, I have about 400 movies in my basement and I am watching them when ever I can

What are your favorite foods?

Are Chinese food pizza, and pickles, I just like a pregnant women

If you were deserted on a desert island, and could only take one music compact disk, what would your choice be?

Made in Japan by the group, Deep Purple

You are going to be stranded on a desert island, you are allowed one of your favorite dishes, , and one piece of clothing, what would be your choice

A terry clothe towel

If there was any vehicle you could own, which one would it be?

The bat mobile, the new one

If you died and you could have your choice of coming back as something else, someone else, or any type of animals, what would be your choice?

Angelina Jolie

How do you feel about being a part of the huge success of The Sopranos?

I feel pretty good about it. Because of The Sopranos, I won an Assemble Screen Actors Guild Award for acting.   It is just about being part of the greatest television show of all time, wonderful.

What was one of your favorite moments on the set of The Sopranos?

It was the scene where Ralphie hits me with a chain in the face. The whole episode was great, I was 10 scenes.   

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