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Music from Season 5 of The Sopranos




Season 5, Episode 1, "Two Tony's"

Freda Payne

Lost in Love

Band of Gold

Theirry "Titi" Robin


Bichu Rap

Emmy Lou Harris

Anthology: The Warner - Reprise Years

Heaven only knows

Jimmy Fontana

La Mia Serenata

La Mia Serenata

Marvin Gaye

Let's get it on

Let's get it on


Get Born

Take it or leave it

 Season 5, Episode 2, "Rat Pack"

Organ J.S. Bach Originals


Canzoina in D minor

Roy Orbison

Black & White Night


Low Flying Owls

Elixir Vitae

Glad to be alive

Gene Pitney

I'm going to be strong

It hurts to be in love

Maroon 5

Songs about Jane

She will be loved

Dean Martin

Dino, The Essential Dean Martin

Powder your face with sunshine

Sal Clemente and Douglas Crawford


Andre Williams and Velvet Hammer

The Velvet Groove

Bruce Hornsby

Way it is

Way it is

The Rolling Stones

Forty Licks

Undercover of the night

Felix Da Housecat

Kittenz & Thee Glitz

Walk with me

Season 5, Episode 3 "Where's Johnny"

Metro Music Productions

Earth, Wind, Water

DSM Producers, Inc.


Methods of Mayhem

Methods of Mayhem


Jedediah Parish and Gravel

I know your there

Non-Stop Music Library

Journey to Chung King

Bellamy Brothers

Reggae Cowboys

Let your love flow

Alan Parson

Sirius (used in Anthony Robbins informercial)

Season 5, Episode 4, "All Happy Families"

LCD Sound System

Beat Connection

Peitro Leguano

Canzone Nepolitana

Southern Music Library



Angelo & His Naepolita Pestisi

Serenades And Tarentellas

Ciao Sicilia Mia

The Crows


Thierry Robin

Payo Michto

La Petite Mer

Edison Lighthouse

Love Grows

Love grows (where my Rosemary goes)

The Cars

The Cars

Movin in stereo

The Lost Boys

Nobody loves and leaves alive

Starlight Orchestra

Simon Tov


Young Roscoe Philaphornia


Jimi Hendrix

Band of Gypsies

Who knows

Season 5, Episode 5, "Irregular around the margins"

Luba Orgonasova

Chi' il bel sogno di doretta


Trip Tease


Little Steven

Come for me


Come on

Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned

Southern Gentlemen

Draggin' the river

Unit 187

I got it under control

The Chesterfield Kings

Mindbending Sounds of

I don't understand

The Chesterfield Kings

Mindbending Sounds of

Mystery trip

Season 5, Episode 6, "Sentimental Education"

Modern Jazz Quartet



Mel Carter

Hold me, kiss me, thrill me

Hold me, kiss me, thrill me

Andrew John Seedon

Julia Florida


Mistinguett: La Vedette

Mon homme (my man)

Johnnie and Joe

Over the mountain, across the sea

The Crests

The very best of the Crests

The angels listened in

Etta James

Let's Roll

The blues is my business

Greg Kihn

All the right reasons

The break up song

Davie Allan and the Arrows

Restless in L.A.

The Loud, the loose and the savage

Season 5, Episode 7, "In Camelot"

Kylie Minogue


Can't get you outa my head

Raul DiBlasio

Alrededor del Mundo


Jackie Gleason

The Romantic moods of Jackie Gleason

Melancholy Serenade

Dorothy Moore

Misty Blue

Misty Blue

John Coltrane

My favorite things

My favorite things

The Clash

Combat Rock

Rock the Casbah

Linkin Park



Lou Christie

Strikes Again

The Gypsy cried

Johnny Heartsman

The Touch


Season 5, Episode 8, "Marco Polo"

Patti Page

Greatest Hits

Allegheny Moon


Long Player

Bad 'n' Ruin

Pat Longo

Bandstand Boogie

Perez Prado

Greatest Hits

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

Nino Rota/Carlo Savina

La Dolce Vita

Mason WIlliams

Classical Gas

Classical Gas

Del Vikings

Best of the Del Vikings

Come go with me

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra


Jersey Bounce

Charlie Barnett

Pompton Turnpike

Hal McIntrye and his Orchestra

Sentimental Journey

Artie Shaw

Greatest Hits


Bon Jovi

Slippery when wet

Wanted dead or alive

Season 5, Episode 9, "Unidentified Black Males"

The Skyliners

The Greatest Hits

Believe me

Thierry "Titi" Robin


Bichu Rap

Fire Ball Ministry

Second Great Awaking



Get Fucked

Craig Chaquico

Shadow and Light


Bobby Darin

If I were a carpenter

If I were a carpenter



Season 5, Episode 10, "Cold Cuts"

Deep Dish

Junk Science


Smoggy Valley Boys

Layin' back

Igor Cavarski

Music box dancer

Plastilina Mosh

Juan Manuel

Saint Tropez

Joe Henry



Smoggy Valley Boys


Sleep Steel

The Kinks

Ultimate Collection

I'm not like everyone else

Season 5, Episode 11, "The Test Dream"

Anne Murray (commercial)

What a wonderful world

Amazing Grace

Sylvia Kowalczuk


Claire De Lune


Concerto in C major

Anne Murray (commercial)

What a wonderful world

In the garden

Mahmoud Ahmed

Kulun Mankwalesh

Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons



The Commodores

Three times a lady

Three times a lady

Season 5, Episode 12, "Long Term Parking"


Little Queen


Bruce Springsteen

Born to Run

Born to Run

Shawn Smith

Leaving California

Egidio Failla


Soul Coughing

Irresistible Bliss

Super Bon Bon

Zino and Tommy

Invisible things

Super Boy

Lou Christie

The Complete Co & Ce/Roulette Recordings

Summer Snow

Egidio Faiella


Wedding Waltz

Shawn Smith

Wrapped in my memory

Season 5, Episode 13, "All Due Respect"

Young Blood Z

87 Fleetwood

Van Morrison


Glad Tidings

Ryan McHugh and The Shining Stars Children


Mr. Tambourine Man

Grade 8

Grade 8

Smoke 'n' mirrors

source: HBO

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