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Sue Sadik more commonly known as “Soprano Sue’    

Heidi  Evans, of the New York Daily News once said, “ Imagine going a year without the ones you love.   That’s been the case for millions of Sopranos fans who have to go cold prosciutto since the last episode in April.    Not to worry. Soprano Sue feels your pain.”

My interest in the Sopranos has always been the locations.    Being a life long resident of New Jersey, having a BA in Geography, plus doing a lot of job related traveling in the immediate area in which the show is based, covering the Sopranos for was just a natural.    The “on location” parts of the show are primarily filmed in North Jersey.   Parts of the series are filmed at Silvercup Studios in Queens, but these are sets built to reflect interiors of actual locations in New Jersey. 

I follow the “Sopranos” around.    I have watched the filming of the third season of one of the greatest shows, that David Chase has managed to write and produce.   In my photographic essays, I manage to give the millions of Sopranos fans a “fix” to hold them until March 2001.   The Sopranos are coming back, I have the proof!

Being at several of the locations, watching a crew that works hard, eats well, and putting in such long hours, that one cannot believe is humanly possible. I have had the time to reflect on why locations were chosen.


New Jersey, where the fictional show is filmed, has long been the gateway for many immigrants over the history of the America.   The growth of New Jersey was rapid; with out the foresight of the “planned communities” that one sees in other parts of our great country, which experienced a population expansion in the latter parts of the twentieth century.   Factories were built side by side with residential areas, insuring and a ready source of labor, since the transportation infrastructure was not really in place.   As roads improved, the advent of the automobile, people moved farther away from the industrial centers into neighborhoods such as where Tony lives, but he still has to pass through these areas, on his way home.    Many times, I am sure, reflecting on the past and what the future brings.

Why did David Chase choose New Jersey over other locations?   My guess is that Chase’s roots are New Jersey.   He has lived in Clifton as a child and his teen years were spent in Caldwell (the fictional home of Tony Soprano).   Clifton, being a blue-collar town, reflects the fictional Tony’s roots, which even though he is technically away from, are a major part of his life.   The Caldwells, an upwardly mobile area, is where he will harvest the fruits of his labor (even though none of it is legal).    Tony would not have his affluent lifestyle without the other.

A look at some of the wonderful locations Mark Kamine has discovered in his travels of the Garden State.

Tony Sopranos fictional house

Welcome to The Soprano house!    This is the house that the fictional character Tony Soprano lives in. What more can be said about this magnificent house other than EVERYBODY in New Jersey lives in a house just like this.    Located in Caldwell, the owner is the builder and presently resides in it. It is sometimes referred to as "New Jersey's most famous backyard".    He recently added a very tasteful addition to the house. It is a testament to his building skills.

Studio X


Tony Soprano's bedroom is located in Studio X at Silvercup Studios in Queens, New York.  Most, if not all of the interior shots of the house are filmed at this studio, with the exception of the first pilot, which was filmed one year before the series began.   This studio, a former bakery, has a virtual set built of the interior of the Soprano house, in 360 degree, allowing for camera shots to be done from different angles.   The set is constructed just like the floor plans of the original house.   If you watch the first and second episode, which were filmed a year apart, you can tell some slight differences with the children, Meadow and A.J..   The last I heard was that they even reconstructed parts of the backyard in the studio including the pool.

Valley Landscaping

Welcome to the Bada Bing, who owns the Bada Bing? Silvio Dante (played by Steve Van Zandt). The Bada Bing is actually a night club named Satin Dolls in real life.    Located on Route 17, south in Lodi, N.J., it was originally the Hearth Diner 17. It was converted into a nightclub in the early sixties.   The nice thing about when the Sopranos film in the Bada Bing is that they can leave the lighting equipment up, so it saves time the next time they show up.   In the rear of the club is where Ralphie (Joe Pantaliano) killed Tracee (Airel Kiley) in Season 3. A Styrofoam guardrail was used in this scene as well as a mannequin to resemble Tracee. Tony's office in the Bada Bing is located at Silvercup studios in Queeens.

The Jersey Shore

Pizzaland is one of the smallest Pizzerias in the State of New Jersey. Located in North Arlington, it is next to one of the smallest bars in New Jersey.   Contrary to the rumors I've heard, they do sell more than just slices.   Pizzaland is in the opening credits of the Sopranos. It is not associated with the European Pizza chain, which also uses the white and green motif.


Joe's Bake Shop

These are part of the Paterson Falls. Seen in the first season, this is where Rusty Irish (played by Christopher Quinn) saw his demise, due to Uncle Junior's anger at his drug dealing. Mikey Palmice (Al Sapienza) had the pleasure of throwing Rusty off of the bridge.   

Studio X
The episode "Bust Out" was filmed at Ramsey Outdoor. Tony and his crew force Davey Scantino into bankruptcy in order to pay off a gambling debt.   Tony is anxious to raise money because of his impending murder charges that may be brought against him when Big Pussy and him killed Matt in Hackleberry State Park.    Hackleberry State Park was actually the Paramus Swim Club on Paramus Road.   The filming was done in the main part of the store and also in a small office area in a non-public section of the store.    In the office scenes if you look carefully, one of the employees glued a picture of his wife on a filing cabinet so she could be an "incidental" extra. The ending scenes of this episode the bank is repossessing the store, was filmed in another store in the complex that was vacant at the time.

Gas is cheaper in Jersey and we don't have to pump our own!

In season 4, a racehorse comes into the picture named "Pie oh my".   The horse is stabled at Overlook Park, in Bergen County.


Dr. Melfi's houseThe interior of Dr. Melfi's (Lorraine Bracco) house are filmed at this house in Montclair, New Jersey.


Valley Landscaping

In the Opening credits, Tony passes this huge water tank. This is the side as viewed from Route 21 north in Newark, New Jersey. The view you see in the Sopranos is from Interstate 280 east. It has the Valley Landscaping logo on it.


Overlook Park

Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola) is the underboss of the New York mob run by Carmine (Tony Lip).    Johnny and his wife recently moved from New York to this country estate (complete with a farm).   Located in Caldwell, New Jersey, I have to admit he has the best of neighbors!


Tony Sopranos shore house

Like Most people in New Jersey, The Sopranos spent a few days at the Jersey Shore.    This is a glimpse of what we have coming in season 4.

Joe's Bake SHop

Joe's Bake Shop located in North Arlington, New Jersey is where Christopher (Michael Imperioli) shoots the clerk in the foot (reminiscent of Goodfellas), because the service is not fast enough.    In this scene we also see a character named Gino. This actor returns in season 3 as Vito Spatafore played by Joseph R. Gannascoli. This is now a store to buy window dressings





unoco sign from the opening credits. 



Now a Planet Honda dealershipClaremont Diner, Clifton, New Jersey. One of the last photographs of this structure, this dinner is now a Planet Honda. The scene where Dr. Melfi meets with Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) was filmed here. If you look at the scene carefully, depending on the camera angle, traffic is traveling a various speeds. If you really look carefully, you can see Soprano Sue slowing down to stare. Don't worry I beeped my horn!


A & E Suitcase of Cash game peiceLivia Soprano's house, located in Verona, New Jersey.    Interesting tidbit, when they film here, the crew erects a weather beaten fence on the front lawn. This house will be shown in an upcoming program to be aired on the Travel Channel.In the pilot, the house doe not have a screen door, in the episodes filmed after that episode, the house has a aluminum screen door.

Johnny Sack's House


Ferrara's Pastry Shop, Bloomfield Avenue, North Newark, New Jersey. This is the definite best location.    Physically it is not used in the Sopranos, but it has a special importance.    Tony Soprano brings his mother Livia macaroons from Ferrara. This is a 3rd generation Pastry shop.   Ferrara's has been at this location for over 50 years. Ferrara's definitely has the best cannoli's in the state and tradition has it, that every Sunday while watching the Sopranos, one must have cannoli's from Ferrara's.  Unfortunately they closed in March 2003.

Just a note, more locations will be added, I have plenty more!!!


Hudson County Map

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