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2007 Sopranos Calendar

Sopranos 2007 Calendar

Mob over Miami

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From New York Daily News crime reporter Michele McPhee comes the incredible true story of Chris Paciello, a young thug from Staten Island who rose to the pinnacle of high society in Miami's tony South Beach-only to lose it all when his bloody past caught up with him.

Includes never-before-revealed information on infamous Mafia figures!

Who's Sorry Now by Joe Pantoliano  and David Evanier.   This Hardcover book, by Joe Pantoliano who plays the belligerent character Ralph Cifaretto who met his demise and his maker in a bowling ball bag,  is an account of his life, from humble beginnings in Hoboken, NJ to appearing in over 60 movies.    He saves his career for future volumes, instead concentrating here on his unusual Italian-American family and the escapades of his early life.   The book ends with his attempts to break away from his past life and becoming a true

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To all my friends and long lost relatives, if you are looking for something to buy something sopranos related for me, here is my Sopranos wish list.

The new Sopranos Box set recently came out, The AndPop Website, recently interviewed Steve Schirripa (Bobby Bacala) and Aida Tuturro (Janice Soprano) during an appearance in Canada.

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This Thing of Ours (2002)
Features Vincent Pastore and Frank Vincent


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Entertaining with the Sopranos (Hardcover)
by Kathleen Renda , Carmela Soprano , Allen Rucker , Michelle Scicolone , David Chase

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The Brotherhoods
The Brotherhoods by written by Guy Lawson and William Oldham. It is the true story of 2 corrupt New York City Police Detectives who had a dual career murdering for the mob. The book gives quite a bit of insight to the actual workings of organized crime and the hierarchy of the New York City Police department. This hardcover book is available from Amazon .


This thing of ours
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From Publishers Weekly
The Sopranos is the "richest and most compelling piece of television no, of popular culture that I've encountered in the past twenty years... [it's a] meditation on the nature of morality, the possibility of redemption, and the legacy of Freud," writes critic Ellen Willis in This Thing of Ours

Henry Hill Cookbook

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The New York Times Book Review
Forget that faux Sopranos cookbook. Here's the real deal.

Gooma Diet: Living Large and Loving it by Steven R. Schirripa

Shut Up and Eat! by Tony Lip

A Guy's Guide to being a Man's Man by Frank Vincent

A Meal to Die For by Joseph R. Gannascoli

A Goomas Guide to Life written by Steven R. Schirripa and Charles Fleming.   A delightful guide to gaining wisdom about the differences between "gababool" and "pasta fazool".   Learn to talk the talk, walk the walk and live like a guy "from the neighborhood".   Steve describes his journey from Bensonhurst to fabulous Las Vegas culminating with his present calling playing the character "Bobby Bacala" on television's most popular show The Sopranos.   

The Sopranos Scriptbook  A great book for someone who is interested in the creation of one of the greatest television shows ever produced. Available from Amazon.