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The Sopranos is a tale about a New Jersey mobster and the issues that surround his two families. One is his biological family and the other is his associated family.    The fictional location for this tale is primarily Northern New Jersey, the actual location where it is filmed is in reality Northern New Jersey, which adds to the realisms the creator David Chase wanted to create.   If you've read any of the Sopranos Locations pages, you'll see that New Jersey is a place loaded with history and a local flavor that just couldn't be re created in a Hollywood set or in Toronto, Canada.

Tony Soprano

Tony SopranoThe Sopranos storyline focuses on the life of Tony Soprano.   Tony Soprano is the head of a fictional New Jersey based crime family. Tony was indoctrinated into the family when he was born in 1959. His father, Johnny Boy Soprano had been heavily involved in illegal gambling activities which Tony as a child had witnessed.   Tony's father died in 1982 when Tony was 22 and that left him with the responsibilities of the crime family and caring for his mother Livia.   The stress of these responsibilities has lead Tony to suffer from medically unexplained "blackouts".  As a result, he was forced into therapy with Dr. Jennifer Melfi, by his Doctor and his family.    Tony has many issues in his life. He wants to be a good father to his children, Meadow and AJ.   He also has a soft spot for animals. First he was feeding ducks in his built in swimming pool, he notices the cuteness of a local grey squirrel (most squirrels in New Jersey are grey), and when he suspected that his horse Pie-Oh-My, was brutally murdered in an insurance scam, we all know what the result of that was.   His situation is complex, dealing with many issues on a daily basis, and always trying to do the right thing.

The character of Tony Soprano is played by James Gandolfini, a seasoned stage and film actor.    For a listing of what other characters he has played in the past, click here.

Edie Falco

Carmela Soprano is the modern day matriarch of the Soprano Family.    Hopelessly devoted to her family, she strives to provide a stable home life despite the fact that she chose the life she is living. When she married Tony she was fully aware of Tony's criminal activities, but the lure of an upscale house and  lavious jewelry has given her a blind eye towards Tony's activities and infidelities.    Being married to Tony over 18 years has taught the lessons of silence quite well.    Carmela's maiden name is De Angelis and her family is originally from Caserta, Italy.   Her best friend in High School was Charmaine Bucco.   Her believe in the Catholic religion steers her ship steady on the rocky seas that surround her.

Carmela Sopranos is played brilliantly by Edie Falco.    She has played a guard, Diane Whittlesey, on the HBO series "Oz". For more information on the movies she has appeared in click here.

Jamie-Lynn SiglerMeadow Soprano is Tony and Carmela's oldest and only daughter.   Raised living the princess life, she is the apple of Tony's eye.    She has grown and now is attending college in New York City, where she is living the freedoms she never had living at home.    Tony is wary of her choice in men, but Carmela has warned him that his objections are making the forbidden fruit tastier.   Meadow longs to see the world and be free, as long as there are no pre set limits on her budget.   Meadow is her father's most loyal supporter.

Meadow Soprano is played by native Long Islander, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.   An accomplished singer, she auditioned for The Sopranos thinking that her vocal skills would be an asset.   Meadow has appeared in several movies and always is lending support to many charities.  Ms. Sigler has written a book "Wise Girl" and has released a CD of music.   Both are available in our Strip Mall.

Where Meadow is the mostly perfect child, AJ Soprano wasn't named Anthony Jr. for nothing.    A.J. is proving himself to be the child your parents wished on you as revenge for everything you did to them in your youth.    Slightly ignorant about Dad's Waste Management consulting job, A.J. has already managed to "vandalize" the school swimming pool, borrow answers to final exams (he swore he would return them after school ended for the semester) and showed up intoxicated on holy wine for gym class.  Despite Carmela's insistence that Tony become more involved in A.J.'s life, A.J. still manages to have a good time.    Besides his behavior being hereditary, it appears that A.J. also suffers from blackouts and Tony know wonders if it could be genetic rather than environmental.

A.J. Soprano is played by Robert Iler.   Mr. Iler has been acting all his life.   A native New Yorker he has a great future. Some of the movies he has appeared in can be found here.

Tony Soprano has two sisters, one is named Barbara. Barbara Soprano is not involved in the family business.   We usually see her at funerals.   She has married and moved to Connecticut.   Tony's other sister is Janice.    Every family has a member who is similar to the character Janice.     Tony has always been envious of Janice because when they were youngsters in the "Neck" section of Newark, Janice received more attention from their father, Johnny Boy.     Janice is a product of the 60's and has traveled the world most likely by hitchhiking.    For a period of her life, she changed her name to Parvarti, and embraced the "new age" culture that the west coast of the United States offered.      Janice never really bonded with her mother Livia, but decided to re cement that bond when Livia required assisted care.   The question has never been resolved, did the bonding of that glue have anything to do with hidden wealth in Livia's basement?     Janice has always been aware of the family activities and her interest in them is usually to her benefit.

Aida Turturro

Aida Turturro portrays the character of Janice Soprano superbly.  A veteran stage and film actor she is immensely talented.   For a listing of movies that Ms. Turturro has appeared in click here.


Dominic ChianeseJohnny Boy Soprano had 2 brothers, one was named Ercoli (Eckley) and the other was Corrado (known as Uncle Junior).   Errico was born with developmental issues and lived in a state run hospital. Corrado Soprano, Jr., against his father Corrado Soprano (who immigrated from Ariano di Puglia, Italy) wishes, dropped out of school and made his money hanging out at the local social club.   Uncle Junior was interested in survival and working as a mason as his father did, was not Junior's aspiration of a career goal.    Junior started running with the Di Meo crime family handling the gambling operations with Johnny Boy Soprano.   Uncle Junior having mellowed in his years has always aspired to be the "head" of the Soprano crime family.   He has felt that he earned the position and his wish came true with the demise of Jackie Aprile, Sr. from cancer. But what did Tony once say, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" . Uncle Junior being the boss, also now finds that he has to take responsibility for the family and sometimes that means indictments.

Dominic Chianese plays the character of Uncle Junior. A New Yorker, Mr. Chianese has been acting for his entire career.  Dominic has been singing for years and has performed in the last episode of season 3.  Dominic Chianese recently in June 2003 released his second album "Ungrateful Heart".    Movies that Dominic Chianese has appeared in are just a click away.

Livia Soprano

The supposable root of Tony's problems is his narcissic maternal figure Livia.  Livia Pollio's marriage to Johnny Boy Soprano, in her eyes elevated her social status to something akin to "Down Neck" royalty. Livia was not a happy or optimistic person and she made sure that she planted these negative seeds deep into her children's souls.    Livia was paranoid of the unknown and as ornery as they get.    Tony took the responsibility of caring for his mother and at times it was very trying for him.    Livia died suddenly at home, alone, like she said she would.

Nancy Marchaud born in 1928, played the character of Livia Soprano, which was unlike any character she had played in her life.  Ms. Marchaud worked mainly in television, playing a wide range of character from Clara in the 1953 program "Marty", Sister Michael in "The Bells of St. Mary's", to Margaret Jones Pynchon in the "Lou Grant" television series.   Loyal to The Sopranos, Ms. Marchaud continued to work regardless of her deteriorating health condition.    She is truly missed by all the cast and crew.   Nancy Marchaud passed into eternal life June 18, 2000.    She is truly missed. 

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