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Many of the actors from The Sopranos have worked together in the past, he is a list that I compiled. I am sure this isn't the total list, but I will keep looking for more.   The movies below are available from and can be purchased by clicking on the  photo.   Have fun!


Tony SiricoJoey (The Heart) Arota

David Provale - George Guanfranco

Mob Queen  1999

Available from Amazon

Mickey Blue EYes

Tony Sirico (First Risolli Man)

Joseph R. Gannascoli (Gina's doorman)

John Ventimiglia  (Johnny Graziosi)

Vincent Pastore (Al)

Aida Turturro (Waitress)

 Burt Young (Vito Graziosi)
Mickey Blue Eyes was crafted as a vehicle for the stammering British charm of Hugh Grant (star of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Nine Months), so whether or not you like the movie will depend heavily on your affection for Grant. He plays an art auctioneer who falls in love with schoolteacher Jeanne

Available from Amazon

Dueces Wild

Dueces Wild 2002

Vincent Pastore – Father Also

Drea De Matteo

Fairuza Balk
Take West Side Story, remove the music, add excessive profanity and violence, and you'll get Deuces Wild. It's an overripe melodrama in which rival street gangs--in this case Deuces vs. Vipers in 1958 Brooklyn--inevitably clash in a deadly rumble

Available from Amazon


Under Hellgate Bridge

Under Hellgate Bridge – 2000

Vincent Pastore Mitch

Dominic ChianeseFather Nichols

Available from Amazon

Two Family House

Two Family House – 2000

Vincent PastoreAngelo

Joseph R. GannascoliCounter Guy

Katherine NarducciEstelle Viasolo

Sharon AngelaGloria

Michael RispoliBuddy Visalo

Matt Servitto
Raymond De Felitta's Sundance 2000 Audience Winner is a sweet little romantic drama set in the insular Italian and Irish neighborhoods of 1956 Staten Island. Narrated with the conversational ease of a bar story, it stars Michael Rispoli as Buddy, blue-collar Italian American with big dream

Available from Amazon

Stuey – 2003

-    Michael ImperioliStu Unger

-    Steven R. Schirripa - Anthony


Love in the Time of Money

Love in the Time of Money – 2002

Michael Imperioli – Will

Steve Buscemi – Martin Kunkle

Available from Amazon

On The Run

On The Run 1998

Joseph R., GannascoliBurly Guy

John VentimigliaLouie Salazar

Sharon Angela Tina

Michael Imperioli- Albert De Santis

Arthur Nascarella Irwin

Suzanne Shepherdlady in travel agency

Available from Amazon

I SHot Andy Warhol

I Shot Andy Warhol – 1996

John VentimigliaJohn who likes Lesbians

Michael ImperioliOndine
Mary Harron's feature--which picked up a Special Jury Award at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival for lead actress and independent film mainstay Lili Taylor--is a highly suspect mishmash of golly-gee counterculture reconstruction and inflammatory agitprop. Harron re-creates the ultimately violent

Available from Amazon

Bronx Tale

Bronx Tale – 1993

Katherine Narducci- Rosina Anello

Lillo Brancato-Calogero ‘C’ Anello
Chazz Palminteri wrote the script for this excellent story of an Italian American boy (Lillo Brancato) who grows up in the 1960s caught between the strong influences of his blue-collar, straight- arrow father (Robert De Niro) and a Mafia chieftain (Palminteri) who is his all-purpose mentor

Available from Amazon

Adentures of Pluto Nash

Adventures of Pluto Nash 2002

Lillo BrancatoLarry

Joe PantolianoMogan
The Adventures of Pluto Nash was shelved for nearly two years, and when it was finally released, hardly anyone noticed. In the interim, Eddie Murphy made the marginally better Showtime and started fishing for a career revival that wasn't a sequel to his previous hits.

Available from Amazon


The Dutch Master (1995)

Sharon Angela -Dorothy

Vincent Pastore -Teresa’s Father

Aida Turturro - Kim



Gotti – 1996

Dominic ChianeseJoe Armone

Vincent Pastore Angelo Ruggeriero

Tony SiricoJoe Dimiglia
A very impressive treatment of the rise and fall of New York crime boss John Gotti, this made-for-TV movie succeeds in large measure because of the outstanding work of Armand Assante (I, The Jury, Mambo Kings) as Gotti. Assante creates a complex portrayal of a man loyal to the mob

Available from Amazon

Night Falls over Manhattan

Night Falls over Manhattan 1997

Dominic ChianeseJudge Impelliteri

Vincent PastoreCop #3

James GandolfiniJoey Allegretto
The dominant themes of director Sidney Lumet's distinguished career are in full force in this moral melodrama involving a young district attorney (Andy Garcia) who takes on a career-making case only to uncover his father's possible involvement in pervasive police corruption.

Available from Amazon

Summer of Sam

Summer of Sam 1999

Michael RispoliJoe T

Michael Imperioli - Midnight
It's important to note that Spike Lee's drama is not titled Son of Sam. Summer of Sam doesn't chronicle the killer as much as the times: the blistering hot summer of 1977 when the Big Apple's psyche was taken hostage by the lone gunman.

Available from Amazon

The Deli

The Deli – 1997

Tony SiricoTony

Michael Imperioli Matty

Vincent Pastore - Lou

Frank Vincent

1999 THEATRICAL RELEASE A "feel good" New York slice-of-life with an ensemble cast of favorites, "The Deli", tells the engaging tale of Johnny Amico (Dumb & Dumber's Mike Starr), a lovable but incorrigibly bad gambler who has a tough time paying the bills at his Italian-American delicatessen.

"The Deli" features a soundtrack with songs by David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, The Posies, Davis Johansen and Craig Mack"

Available from Amazon

Angie 1994

James GandolfiniVinnie

Michael Rispoli -Jerry

Aida TurturroTina


Basketball Dairies

Basketball Dairies 1995

Vincent PastoreConstruction Worker

Lorraine Bracco Jim’s Mother

Michael Imperioli - Bobby

Available from Amazon

Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing 1993

James GandolfiniBilly Coyle

Joseph R. GannascoliCharles Di Salvo

Available from Amazon

Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved – 1995

Tony Sirico Mr. Bedutz

Vincent Curatola


Bullets over Broadway

Bullets over Broadway – 1994

Tony Sirico- Rocco

John Ventimiglia Waterfront Hood

Edie Falco - Lorna

Paul Herman - Maitre d'

Tony Darrow - Aldo
One of Woody Allen's best films of the '90s, Bullets over Broadway stars John Cusack as a virtual Woody surrogate, a neurotic, Jazz Age writer whose new play sounds wooden and unrealistic to a low-level mobster  assigned to watch over his boss's actress-girlfriend (Jennifer Tilly)

Available from Amazon


Goodfellas – 1990

Tony SiricoTony Sacks

Vincent PastoreMan with coat rack

Michael ImperioliSpider

Lorraine BraccoKaren Hill

Tony LipFrankie the Wop

Suzanne ShephardKaren’s Mother

TonyDarrow-Sunny  Bunz                                            essential video
Martin Scorsese's 1990 masterpiece GoodFellas immortalizes the hilarious, horrifying life of actual gangster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), from his teen years on the streets of New York to his anonymous exile under the Witness Protection Program.

Available from Amazon


Made – 2001

Vincent Pastore Jimmy

Federico Castelluccio- doorman

Drea De MatteoClub Girl

Jon Favreau -
Progressing beyond their indie hit Swingers, Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughan return with Made, playing (respectively) Bobby and Ricky, long-time pals in Los Angeles. Failing as amateur boxers, they're recruited by their mob-connected boss (Peter Falk)

Available from Amazon

Witness to the Mob

Witness to the Mob 1998

Vincent PastoreMikey De Batt

Michael Imperioli Louie Milito

Tony Sirico uncredited

Available from Amazon


Tales of Erotica  1996

Aida TurturroKim

Sharon Angela Dorothy


Riding in the cars with boys

Riding in the cars with Boys 2001

Vincent PastoreUncle Lou

Lorraine BraccoMrs. Teresa D’Onofrio

Carl Capotorto
Riding in Cars with Boys achieves broad appeal as a tearjerker laced with hardscrabble humor. In the crowd-pleasing hands of director Penny Marshall, Beverly Donofrio's bestselling memoir loses much of its real-life gravity, but its rich humanity remains in abundance

Available from Amazon

Money Train

Money Train 1995

Aida TurturroWoman on Platform

Vincent Pastore – Gambler
This attempt to reunite the stars of White Men Can't Jump will most likely be remembered as the movie that allegedly inspired a number of copycat arsons in the New York subway system. In other words, the movie itself is too perfunctory to be remembered for any other reason.

Available from Amazon

The Funeral

The Funeral 1996

Edie Falco – Union Speaker

Annabella Sciorra Jean

John Ventimiglia Sali
In this period family drama set in the Depression-era world of organized crime, director Abel Ferrara (King of New York, Bad Lieutenant) weaves a dark and impressive morality tale of revenge and family loyalty.

Available from Amazon

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents  1995

Michael Imperioli D’Ambrosio

Tony SiricoOfficer Spinelli
Twin brother codirectors Albert and Alan Hughes planned their first film, the 1991 ghetto crime drama Menace II Society as a response to John Singleton's Boyz N the Hood, which they considered wimpy and moralistic.

Available from Amazon


Scriptfellas 1999

Al SapienzaHenry

Ray AbruzzoJohnny Two Times


Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl   1992

Richard Maldone

Aida Turturro

Available from Amazon

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